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Wir vereinfachen die Nutzung der Citrix Lösungen. You want to give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while strengthening security, cutting IT costs and meeting your business needs. Only Citrix Workspace—a market-leading digital workspace that integrates award-winning Citrix technologies—offers a single solution that vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler IT to deliver secure access to apps, desktops and data from vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler device.

A digital workspace is all about ensuring a quality user experience, regardless of device, network, or location. If employees cannot easily access the apps and vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler they need, it can create vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler problems—not only will productivity and satisfaction suffer, but users will likely go around IT to get things done.

Citrix has always focused on providing a great user experience and offers a variety of unique, user-centric capabilities. Citrix Workspace is the industry-first solution offering the vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler of Windows, Linux, Web, SaaS and mobile applications in a unified and simple-to-use interface.

Unlike our competitors, Citrix Workspace provides access to any application on any platform. In addition, it enables users to access the content they are working on. Article source files are presented right at the Citrix Workspace app landing page, but users also can easily browse corporate vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler repositories like Documentum, Exchange, and Auf binäre Optionen Martingale richtig zu handeln Wie, or even personal repositories, such as Google Drive and OneDrive.

Customers get a better user experience and broader choice of platforms, than anywhere vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler in the industry. Citrix Workspace includes SecureMail, the industry-leading and feature-rich mobile productivity application. SecureMail provides users with everything they vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler to be productive in a single app with integrated mail, calendar and contacts, as well as seamless integrations with third party solutions, such as Slack.

Also, users love its intuitive design and give SecureMail the highest ratings among enterprise-ready mobile productivity apps. Citrix mobile productivity apps are the enterprise apps that provide deep integration with Office on mobile devices single security container. Together with Intune app protection, SecureMail works seamlessly with Office apps, so end users can enjoy productivity enhancements like native integration and single-sign-on to corporate data for Intune-managed apps.

Employees need to collaborate with peers and partners, which usually involves exchange and co-editing of article source. Citrix Workspace includes a variety of unique features to simplify this and make users more productive, while ensuring the data is secure. Within Citrix Workspace app, users can to share files or start file-centric workflows, such as reviews, approvals or even legally-binding eSignatures.

When trying to open files, Citrix Workspace will automatically determine the best way—such as local app, virtualized app, or Office Web—depending on client capabilities or security settings. This provides Video binäre Optionen Strategien with better vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler experience and productivity as well as simpler and faster collaboration between co-workers.

With Citrix Workspace, virtualized applications of all kinds perform well, regardless of what underlying network connection is being used. Users can work from wherever they want and Citrix HDX technology will make the magic happen. HDX is the most powerful and adaptive protocol which continuously analyzes the screen content it delivers as well as the network characteristics and optimizes itself, by switching seamlessly between codecs or caching of content from individual characters to full screens.

Security is central to almost all vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler and businesses today. Whether it is ensuring that customer data and IP is kept safe or needing to vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler relevant regulations or comply with specific legal constraints, Citrix Workspace meets even the most stringent security requirements.

This vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler make spotting intruders or malicious behavior faster than ever before. Only Citrix Workspace provides vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler user behavior analytics UBAthat covers all aspects of the digital workspace and uses advanced machine learning to translate user activities into a personal risk score in real time.

check this out to its close-loop approach, Citrix Analytics also has the unique capability to start activities to monitor individual users more closely or restrict user access, depending on the security guardrails the organization has configured.

It automatically determines the risk of websites using a state of the art URL reputation engine. This enables Citrix Vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler to vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler grant access, stop users from accessing, or vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler that request to a hosted secure browsing service that renders the website isolated from the corporate network.

Only Citrix Workspace provides an integrated hardened browser, that can be controlled by means of fine-grained policy controls for Data Loss Prevention e. Citrix Workspace also provides a variety vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler unique security controls for apps and content, to enable organizations to ensure their data is vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler, independent Strategie der Volatilitäts- und Optionsbewertung how their users access it.

For example, Citrix Workspace is the only solution in the industry, that can dynamically apply vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler to Windows, Web and SaaS applications as well as files. No vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler Workspace solution in the market can match this. Unified management and choice is imperative for IT, especially in a vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler workspace context. Without it, organizations run the risk of simply moving existing desktop and app management challenges from the current platform into the new digital workspace without actually solving them.

Citrix Workspace is designed with management efficiency in mind, offers a variety of unique management capabilities and provides the broadest choice of options. Only Citrix provides a unified management experience for on-premises, cloud and hybrid virtual app and desktop environments.

In contrast to our competition, who struggle vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler hybrid scenarios, Citrix Workspace allows for any scenario—you can start in the cloud and add on-premises resources later or start local and expand to the cloud whenever needed.

Vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler unified management experience spans all aspects of the modern digital workspace, ranging from apps and data, to devices, to configuring the network—all from within a single control plane. Citrix Workspace is the only solution in the market with this comprehensive approach. Unlike other vendors in the market that lock you into proprietary infrastructure, Citrix allows you to choose your infrastructure or platform.

Citrix Workspace is platform agnostic, which means you can vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler the most cost-effective and appropriate infrastructure for your business. For virtual apps vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler desktops, choose your hypervisor, and select the hardware vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler and model that best fits your needs, or the public cloud you prefer.

For files and folders, simply connect corporate content repositories, such as files shares, Documentum, Exchange, SharePoint and may others or even personal repositories, such as Google Drive and OneDrive, to provide users with a single pane of glass for all content access and related workflows. Managing a digital workspace with many vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler parts, such as large fleets of virtual desktops or numerous virtual applications, can be challenging without the right management tools.

Citrix Workspace offers industry-leading application and image management solutions, which enable agile management processes and ensure high operational efficiency. Citrix Workspace uniquely provides powerful reporting and trend analysis vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler, along with predictive and vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler analytics tools, such as Session Probing, which can determine outages of services before users call the help desk.

Anmelden My Account Citrix Cloud. Citrix Workspace 1 Schützen Sie Ihre Anwendungen und Daten. Vergleichen Fallstudien Ressourcenbibliothek Support Mehr. Citrix Workspace vs the competition You want to give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler security, cutting IT costs and meeting your business needs.

User experience and productivity. Apps and files integrated in a vergleichen Sie Optionsmakler, context-aware user front end. Industry-leading mobile productivity apps and integration with Office Simple and secure content collaboration. Best performance over any network, on any device for Windows and Linux applications. Security for users, apps, and data in any scenario. Holistic user behavior analytics and risk scoring.

Protection against internet-bound security threats and secure browsing. Advanced security controls for apps and files. Learn about in-session watermarking. Citrix and Bitdefender hypervisor introspection demo 3: Citrix Workspace was the only end to end solution. VMware, AirWatch and F5 had too many partnerships and moving pieces. Unified management and Choice. Most efficient day-to-day Presse Investor Relations Karriere Kontakt.

Community Citrix Community Blogs.

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